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Requirements for Sponsorship
Please meet the following criteria before emailing us where further discussion is needed. All emails are to be written in english please.

EVENTS or COMPETITIONS ( lan or online )
  • Fully functional website - showing confirmation of date and venue of next event, sponsors, pictures taken from past events and prizes to be won
  • Contact must be from the person in charge of the organisation running the event. Email us using the events email address (ie. yourname@yourlan.com)
  • Event must be confirmed and registration of players must have begun
  • Submit a proposal on the form of advertising and promotion you can provide and what you seek.
  • State in your email ALL relevant details including url, size of event, date etc
  • For lan events your email must be sent 1 month prior to the event's date

  • Fully functional website - showing info on members, results of all competitions, sponsors.
  • Contact must be from team owner or manager if there isn't an owner. Email us using the teams / organisations offical email address.
  • Prove in the email that the clan is among the top 10 in the country
  • Prove the clan is active and participates regularly at Lan events
  • Provide in the email the results of the last 3 events the clan has attended
  • If the team is new but comprises of good players with a history of performance, please provide proof
  • Provide a proposal on what the team can provide in terms of advertising and promotion and what you seek

If your event, league or team meets the above requirements please email info@hyperglide.net . Please note these are just the basic requirements and does not result in automatic sponsorship.  

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