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Maintenance Guide

To ensure your Hyperglides last as long as they can please follow this guide.

1. Keep your mousing area & mouse skates free from dirt

Dirt and dust is the prime cause of decrease in glide or performance of any mouse skate. Be extra careful to keep the mousing area free from hard sand - like dirt and food crumbles. Any dirt that is harder than the mouse skates will embed itself if rolled over. This will make the mouse rough and scratchy when used. When this happens immediately clean the skates.

Since Hyperglides are opaque white it is easy to spot any dirt. To remove embedded dirt, use a sharp tool (e.g. toothpick) and gently lift the dirt away without damaging the skates.

Hyperglide mouse skates are very durable and will perform as normal even if scratched (i.e by dirt) just as long as its surface is free from foreign particles.

2. Transport your mouse with care

When transporting your mouse in a bag to Lan events etc, take precautions (e.g. store it alone in a smaller bag or container) to prevent the mouse skates from being dislodged through collision with other objects (headphones, keyboard etc)



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