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HYPERGLIDE MOUSE SKATES - The Ultimate Gaming Replacement Mouse Feet

Made to help you play your best

Hyperglide mouse skates revolutionised the industry by being the first replacement mouse feet and are designed for maximum performance. Through continous innovation and commitment to quality, Hyperglides are still the number 1 choice of competitive and casual gamers worldwide.

Get ready to experience incredible glide, accuracy and durability.



Hyperglides FM-1 availability

Amazon USA (Titan Rig) - Rolling re-stock from 18 Feb.
Maxgaming - sold out, ETA 17 Feb 2019
Paraflexcables.com - sold out, ETA unknown.
Hyperglide webstore - Pre-order 16-17 Feb.

Webstore pre-order for FM-1 Hyperglides 16 Feb 630pm PST / 230pm GMT

Kindly read the Terms & Conditions before purchase.
To be shipped on 21 Feb 2019

Pre-order FM-1

(11 Feb 2019)
Webstore pre-orders for FM-1 sold out & shipped.

Thank you for the warm reception, all 5 batches of FM-1 pre-orders have shipped.

(29 Jan 2019)
Webstore pre-orders for FM-1 soon. Limited stock will be released in batches and timing given in advance here.

Limited to 2 packets per individual. Only purchase if delivery time of > 14 working days after shipping is acceptable.

(28 Jan 2019)
Hyperglide for Logitech G Pro Wireless development update

Actively being developed but still some weeks away. Thanks for all the interest & emails.

(27 Jan 2019)
FM-1 sold out on Amazon. Re-stock in approx 2 weeks.

(24 Jan 2019)
Amazon has started their re-stock of Hyperglides including the FM-1. Re-stock will happen in stages. Stage 1 sold out, stage 2 is now up & available. Wish listing did not work, nor did camelcamelcamel. Our apologies. Paraflex Cables has completely sold out their new stock of FM-1 within a day.

We appreciate everyone who has waited and understand the frustration this has caused. Will be sending more stock to Titan Rig @ Amazon & Paraflex Cables.

Maxgaming.com will have some stock in the next few days.

(18 Jan 2019)
Stock for FM-1 and other models has reached USA. Kindly add to wish list on Amazon to say up to date. Amazon might allow pre-orders in the near future.

Paraflexcables in Canada will receive stock by mid next-week.

model FM-1 on Amazon

model G403 on Amazon

model GP on Amazon

model Z-1 on Amazon

model Z-2 on Amazon

model RZ-5 on Amazon


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