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HYPERGLIDE MOUSE SKATES - The Ultimate Gaming Replacement Mouse Feet

Made to help you play your best

Hyperglide mouse skates revolutionised the industry by being the first replacement mouse feet and are designed for maximum performance. Through continous innovation and commitment to quality, Hyperglides are still the number 1 choice of competitive and casual gamers worldwide.

Get ready to experience incredible glide, accuracy and durability.

Please note, our official retailers are listed on this page. They work directly with us to keep prices reasonable. Please do not support price gougers.

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Hyperglide availability (updated 28 Mar 2022)

Hyperglide webstore -for USA orders. Other countries please email with full shipping address
Amazon USA - Incoming Check direct listings
Maxgaming.com - TBA
Paraflexcables.com (CA) - TBA
Amazon JP & Ark PC Japan - TBA
ParaCableMods (UK) - TBA
Maxesport.GG (FR) - TBA
GetGear.com (EU) - TBA


(5 August 2022)

Webstore temporary closure

Due to problems with logistics partners, the webstore will be temporarily offline.

Sincere apologies

(28 March 2022)


Thankful for all the support we've received throughout a difficult 2021. We'll be continuing to keep Amazon.com in stock. As for our other retailers, we'd love to stock them as possible.

For our webshop which will always have stock, there is a temporary increase in shipping as fuel surcharges have impacted the rates greatly. When fuels goes back down, we will revise down accordingly.

(30 Jan 2021)

New European based retailer: Getgear.com

We are proud to have Getgear.com stock our products. They are based in Slovakia and ship across Europe (including Italy) at very reasonable prices.

Hyperglide Mouse Skates available for sale on Getgear.gg ships across Europe

(12 Jan 2021)

Working on Hyperglides for GPW X SUPERLIGHT

Thanks for the enquiries, sorry no ETA on release date.

(16 Dec 2020)

Friendly reminder: Order before 2021 Shipping & price increases

Couriers will increase their fees in 2021 & this will be updated at our webstore on 29 Dec 2020.

Our webshop will not be shipping any orders from 29 Dec 2020 till 4 Jan 2021.

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