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HYPERGLIDE MOUSE SKATES - The Ultimate Gaming Replacement Mouse Feet

Made to help you play your best

Hyperglide mouse skates revolutionised the industry by being the first replacement mouse feet and are designed for maximum performance. Through continous innovation and commitment to quality, Hyperglides are still the number 1 choice of competitive and casual gamers worldwide.

Get ready to experience incredible glide, accuracy and durability.



Stock Update Thread. Please Read 1st. (Dec 2018)

(17 Dec) Webstore is sold out of FM-1. Expected restock after Christmas. All retailers sold out till further notice. Our apologies!

It might take a week or more to process and ship out orders, we seek your patience & understanding. If for whatever reason you wish to cancel your order, please email us with your transaction ID & request.

Seek your understanding that we cannot reply to all the emails asking for expected dates etc. All available info & updates will be provided here.

(17 Dec) We've started to clear the backlog of orders made from 5 Dec. In this peak season climate & lack of stock, expected turnaround is 4 weeks.

(17 Dec) Tracking updates are lagging behind due to mail volume, DHL is trying their best to pursue the issue.

Hyperglides for Zowie Divina EC series, S1 & S2 (13 Dec 2018)

For the Divina S1 & S2, chose Hyperglide model Z-1

For the Divina EC1-B & EC2-B, chose Hyperglide model Z-2

Update on Amazon stock & Hyperglide webstore shipments (6 Dec 2018)

Amazon's stock that was to be ready 14 Dec has sold out as Amazon allowed pre-orders. Titan Rig will send more stock to Amazon but ETA is unknown. We will post updates here.

All Hyperglide Webstore orders received by 0:00GMT 5 DEC are already in the hands of our logistics partner DHL. DHL will be sending emails with shipping details & tracking numbers when they finish their processing (~ 2 days).

If you encountered the webstore notice page, 99% chance you ordered after the cut-off time.

We thank everyone for their patience & understanding and equally appreciative of those who have pre-ordered at our webstore. We are working hard to ready more stock.

Webstore in pre-order mode 5-15 Dec (4 Dec 2018)

Due to overwhelming demand and backlog of orders, all orders made at our webstore from 5 Dec GMT will only be processed on 15 Dec. Consider it pre-ordering. Thanks for your understanding. All orders processed before this deadline will receive email notification from DHL sent to your paypal linked email account.

Hyperglides + Finalmouse Air 58 Ninja. (3 Dec 2018)

Good news: Yes our FM-1 Hyperglides for the Finalmouse Ultralights fit the new Air58 mouse perfectly

Bad news: Stock is selling out fast. Amazon is sold out till 14 Dec. Maxgaming is sold out. Our webstore will sell out soon and will be closed from 7-14 Dec.

Want your Hyperglides in time for Christmas? You'll need to order now from Amazon.com. Amazon will ship out once stock is ready, think of it as a pre-order. It's already likely too late to purchase them from our webstore as shipping is from Singapore and peak season now will cause shipping to extend beyond the usual 12-14 day window.


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Hyperglide mouse feet for Finalmouse Ultralight    


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