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An Introduction to Hyperglide Mouse Skates

What are Mouse skates?

Mouse skates are strips of smooth (usually teflon) tape stuck to mice feet to make them smoother and thus increasing accuracy ingame. How mouse skates work is that they reduce the amount of friction between the mouse and the mousepad. As a side benefit, mouse skates also protect the original mouse feet and mousepad from wear. This helps gamers save mouse and mousepad replacement costs..

Why are Hyperglide Mouse skates different from other brands?

Hyperglide started in 2003 with the mission to provide gamers an alternative to the fast-wearing mouse skates in the market. You know what I'm talking about. Afterall, how many of us are fortunate enough to be sponsored with unlimited supply of mouse skates?

These skates are developed for gamers by a real gamer and this is no lie. I have put Hyperglide skates through serious field testing using avid gamers like yourself and firmly believe that Hyperglide mouse skates are the best. In fact, I started Research & Development during the Australian winter of 2002 to produce a better mouse skate before the Hyperglide name was even created.

Hyperglide skates are built around three main strengths.

Glide - Because Hyperglide skates are made from pure untextured teflon, it delivers premium glide across any surface.

Durability - Other brands of mouse skates are so thin that the material wears out quickly (roughly 2 weeks of heavy use). However Hyperglide skates are 0.50mm of pure untextured teflon (see specifications). This results in skates that lasts for months1. Take a look at tested durability results here.

Consistency - This refers to Hyperglide skates being able to provide the same "feel" from the first day you use it till when its worn thin months down the road. As a very picky gamer myself, I understand the need to have a constant feeling of the mouse when gaming. I believe that only through consistency can gamers truely improve on their playing skills.
This is why we all invest in mousepads and mouseskates. We all know that tape based skates lose their original glide and feel after a week of usage. After a couple of weeks they become sticky.
This is why Hyperglide mouse skates are the best.

1.These results were obtained via feedback from various gamers who have adhered strictly to application and maintenance instructions given on this site. Results vary in response to unmeasurable and unstandardised factors like pressure exerted and surface used on. Please refer to disclaimer.  

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