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HYPERGLIDE MOUSE SKATES - The Ultimate Gaming Replacement Mouse Feet

Made to help you play your best

Hyperglide mouse skates revolutionised the industry by being the first replacement mouse feet and are designed for maximum performance. Through continous innovation and commitment to quality, Hyperglides are still the number 1 choice of competitive and casual gamers worldwide.

Get ready to experience incredible glide, accuracy and durability.



Giveaway: Hyperglides for G403 (11 July 2018)

We have 2 versions to giveaway. These are extras from our testing phrase and are brand new un-used.

We'll like to reward those who have submitted Amazon reviews of our product by offering them 1 set of version 2. Simply email us the details of your amazon purchase & the review you left. Doesn't matter how long ago it was or if it was a bad review. Your names will enter a lucky draw. *Edit to clarify* Your past review on Amazon must have "verified purchase" status, i.e you purchased the Hyperglides on Amazon.

For the version 3 giveaway, it will be open to anyone who simply emails us with their pick on who will win the World Cup this sunday. As long as it's one of the finalists, you'll enter the lucky draw and stand a chance to win. Each winner receives 1 set of skates, so more people can win.

Draw will be conducted at the end of the World Cup Finals. Winners will be notified by email. Email entries to hyperglidenet@gmail.com

G403 Hyperglides Teaser Pics. A giveaway will be annouced soon! (03 July 2018)

To create Hyperglides for the G403, we went through 3 different versions - different thicknesses & edge roundedness (our special G-Curve). The main challenge was to combat the poor multi-directional glide caused by the G403's feet shape which made vertical movements perceptibly slower than horizontal. Hyperglides are the first mouse feet to feature rounded edges and our technology maybe imitated by others but not successfully replicated.

Happy to announce that we've succeeded in improving the multi-directional glide by optimising the amount of G-Curve. In the first picture, you can see version 2 has more rounded edges versus version 3. Rest of the photos feature version 2, which is what we've settled on using and measures 0.80mm thick.

Pictures are taken at lower exposure to highlight the amount of G-Curve since the feet are white in colour. The 4th picture is a side profile shot, click to view the larger version and notice the rounded edges. Thank you all for your patience!

Progress update #1: Hyperglides for Logitech G403 / G603 / G703 (11 May 2018)

Our next release will be for the Logitech G403 range of mice.

Latest Release: Hyperglide model Z-3 for the Razer DeathAdder Elite (1 Mar 2018)

You can now find Hyperglides for the Razer DeathAdder Elite at our retailers Amazon and Maxgaming.com

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