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Hyperglide mouse skates currently come shaped to fit the following mice perfectly.

Please read conditions of use / compatibility info here first

Each packet come with enough skates for 2 mice and each set lasts MUCH longer than "normal" tape mouse skates.


MS-1 : Microsoft Explorer 3.0, 1.1 and 1.1 Special Edition

MS-2 : Microsoft Explorer 4.0, Wireless Optical Mouse, Bluetooth Explorer, Optical Blue

MX-1 : Logitech MX 500, MX 510, MX 700, MX 900

MX-2 : Logitech MX 300

MX-3 : Logitech MX 310

MX-4 : Logitech MX 1000

RZ -1 : Razer Diamondback

  0.5 mm thick
  100% Pure Teflon
  Peel off adhesive backing
  Premium glide
  Long lasting
      Consistent Performance

Durability Indicator (Time taken to wear till less than 0.1mm thickness)

Duration (months)
1. Func 1030 - rough
3 or more
2. Func 1030 - smooth
3 or more
3. Steelpad 4S
4 or more
4. Icemat
4 or more
5. Everglide Giganta
> 4
6. Cloth
> 12

These figures were obtained from testing by avid and pro-gamers alike who put Hyperglide mouse skates through the most rigorous testing and rules of maintenance were not able to be ensured. In general, Hyperglide mouse skates will last for months on hard surfaced mousepads and much longer on clothpads. The figure for cloth pads is a minimum forecast because testing for a 6 month period has shown very little wearing of the skates.

Be aware that the stated figures in no way constitute a guarantee of how long a set of hyperglide mouse skates will last. Durability depends on variable factors beyond control. However Hyperglide mouse skates are physically many times thicker than normal "tape" skates (only a small fraction of tape skates' thickness is actually teflon or smooth/glide material) and thus will last longer.



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