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HYPERGLIDE MOUSE SKATES - Best Replacement Mouse Feet


Hyperglide prides itself on providing only the best quality gaming gear. Our mouse skates revolutionised the industry and are still the only perfect-fit skates and made from the highest performing materials available on the market.

Get ready to experience incredible glide, performance and accuracy.


Launch: Hyperglides for the Zowie FK1 (17 Dec 2014)

We're happy to announce the release of the Hyperglide Z-1 - the best replacement mouse feet for the Zowie FK1,FK2, FK & AM.
Exclusive features include precise shape & fit, rounded edges and a profile thickness of 0.70mm. The stock feet in comparison are 0.45mm thick.
This results in much improved performance, feel and durability.
Available from retailers & our webstore.

Play with the best mouse feet!

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